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Your Job Is Your Credit!

About us

Price Easley started Tyler Auto Finance in 1985 on West Erwin St moving to the present location at 206 S Palace in 1987. Being at the same location for 25 years has made a presence of being in business for the community. Since the existence of Tyler Auto Finance a lot has changed with the car business and economy, but Price has built a reputation that values our customers to provide excellent service and have repeat business. Our new office was completed in October 2011 and we are building off of our established business to grow for the needs of our customers. With a large selection of affordable dependable vehicles to choose from we are updating our business model to fit your needs. Starting January 2011 we will be reporting to Trans Union Credit Bureau to help rebuild or build your credit that will be accessible to all lenders. At Tyler Auto Finance Your Job Is Your Credit!!!

Financing Options
Tyler Auto Finance is a BUY HERE, PAY HERE car dealer. We offer same day financing and report monthly to nationally acclaimed Trans Union Credit Bureau to help build or re-establish your credit.

What does Buy Here Pay Here mean?
Our Buy Here Pay Here financing simply means that you arrange the loan and make payments to us here at the dealership. So, instead of obtaining a loan through a bank or credit union you purchase the vehicle through our in-house financing.

Buy Here Pay Here financing is designed for buyers that may not have credit or have had financial setbacks through life situations. Our goal is to get you driving a dependable car today but also build or rebuild your credit.

To accomplish higher credit score it starts with the ability to make timely payments on an installment loan - like our Buy Here Pay Here financing. Each month we report Trans Union Credit Bureau and over time this can help improve your credit score.

Building or re-establishing your credit will give you financial security for future purchases that will give you the convenience of buying large ticket items without paying for in cash. Dream of buying and financing a new home? Keeping timely payments will build your credit that allows lenders to see your creditworthiness. Dream of stocking your new home with furniture, appliances, and house improvements? With Tyler Auto Finance reporting to Tans Union Credit Bureau will allow retail stores to review your credit through a national recognized agency that solidifies creditworthiness.

Ready to start your Buy Here Pay Here financing? When you visit us here at Tyler Auto Finance, please bring the following information to help speed up the loan process:

  • Acceptable Forms of Identification
       -Driver's license or state identification issued by state;
       -US passport or foreign passport;
       -US military identification card;
       -North Atlantic Treaty Organization identification;
       -United States Department of Homeland Security Identification document;
       -United States Citizenship and Immigration Services identification document; or
       -United States Department of State identification document
  • Social Security Number, Tax Payer Identification
  • References (with contact info) 3 Family Minimum Total 7 References
  • Proof of Employment and Salary
  • Proof of Residence (rental lease agreement or home mortgage)
  • Current Phone Bill (or other utility bill such as gas, electric or water)
  • Ability to Provide Full Coverage Insurance to Secure the Collateral

Tyler Auto Finance

Tyler Auto Finance
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